Monday, 19 December 2011

Widget For Blogger Posts - Like Button, Share Button and so on

Here it is, some URL sources that provide us some Blogger user widget, they have many widget to share with us. Go, get and use also Like their page in other to keep communicate with them ^^ yosh!~ (Just click on the bold + underline word below:

1. Blogger plugins  - the coding on this site, is a bit long. But, it prepared the steps well.
2. Simple Blogger Tutorials - the content is actually a little bit long, but it serve steps well.
3. Did I Know - the content is very simple and effective. I've already use the codes there. And it works.

If you didn't satisfy with the above link, you may search at Google (more effective way) by using keywords : Add like button on the blogger post :) Happy trying ^^~


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