Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Free Hacking Tools to Download

Are you a hacker? Or you want to be a hacker? :) well, this link is awesome to you who like to be a hacker. If you didn't have any idea of what is hacker, then you can Google it, by using keyword "What is Hacker?" simple! Through this entry, I would like to share about A LINK that have so many hacking tools, or tools that people really needs whether to use it when you were forgot your password, when you want play a games, when you want something different in your computer and so on. Shortly, in this link (I'll give it below) it have all the things we want until we will ask "what this software will do for me?", if you asking that questions, then you just need to GOOGLE it . ;)

(If you're not Indonesians, then you may translate it using Google translator going into your language)
Am I Google admirer?huhu Happy trying!~


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