Sunday, 18 December 2011

Manage yahoo email using folder by folder

Every person lately they have their own personal email, whether using Yahoo mail, MSN mail, Google mail and so on. On this entry, I would like to share with you about in managing your Yahoo mail by using folder that is will make our email directly goes to the folder created by heading their sender email.

1. Firstly, you sign in your yahoo mail account > go to options menu > choose mail options
2. Then, look at on the left pane, choose Filter > Click button 'Add' to add and create new email header
3. Then will get image like below :

Yahoo mail filter interface

        On the filter name, you can fill the folder name, for example, Yahoo. Then, on the sender section, you     can paste the email that you want to filter. For example, On the sender section, you can choose for drop down list for the Begins with. 

4. After finish the filter process, then go to lowest part on the interface, that is, 'Then deliver the email to the following folder' ,you need to specify the folder that you want the filter email going. That's it! :)
5. If you having problem with it, you can just play around the steps. Happy trying!~


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